Voodoo Protection Poppet

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Voodoo Protection Poppet


The Voodoo Protection Poppet is a tool from the Witchery mod. This Poppet is used to protect a player or creature from Vampiric Poppets, and Voodoo Poppets. When a player would take damage from one of these poppets, the damage will be redirected to the protection poppet. The poppet will be destroyed after about 1000 damage is dealt to it, though the Voodoo and Vampiric Poppets often deal a lot of damage towards the Voodoo Protection Poppet.

For the poppet to function, it must first be bound to a player. This can be done by combining a creature/player's Taglock Kit with the poppet in a crafting table.

The poppet must be in the player's inventory or a Poppet Shelf in order to work.

Wearing a full suit of Witch Hunter armor will disallow the player from using this poppet.

Recipe[edit | edit source]