Wand Focus: Vis Shard

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Wand Focus: Vis Shard

ModThaumcraft 5

The Wand Focus: Vis Shard is a Wand Focus added by Thaumcraft 5. Holding right-click with it send a stream of Vis to damage nearby enemies.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

This shard cannot be crafted, and must be found in the world. It is typically a drop from Autocasters in the Outer Lands.

Upgrades[edit | edit source]

The Wand Focus: Vis Shard can be upgraded with enchantments in the Focal Manipulator with the following enchantments.

Rank Enchantment Enchantment Enchantment Enchantment
I Frugal Potency
II Frugal Potency
III Frugal Potency
IV Frugal Potency
V Frugal Potency
  • Frugal - This upgrade reduces the vis cost of activating the focus's powers by 10% per level.
  • Potency = This upgrade increases the damage by 20% per level.