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This page is about the Water Tank added by Railcraft. For други цели, see Water Tank.
Water Tank

Необходими модулиTransport

The Water Tank is a multiblock structure added by Railcraft. It is used to store and collect Water. This multiblock structure will passively collect Water depending on the environment it is built in (see Water). The tank can hold a maximum of 400 Buckets of Water.


It cannot be built directly next to another Water Tank; there must be at least one block in between. It is built in a 3x3x3 cube with a hollow center out of Water Tank Sidings.


The Water Tank will automatically insert water into pipes and adjacent liquid inventories (such as a BuildCraft Tank) connected to the sides and bottom of the tank. Water can be piped into the Water Tank using fluid pipes connected to the top of the tank.


To determine the average amount of water condensed by the Water Tank (as of Railcraft, Minecraft 1.7.10), follow these steps:

  1. Get the biome's "Rainfall Property" from the table below. The central column of the structure is the one determining what biome will be used for the calculation.
  2. If none of the blocks in the structure can see the sky, divide this number by 2 and skip to step five.
  3. If at least one of the blocks in the structure can see the sky and it is raining, multiply this number by 3.
  4. If at least one of the blocks in the structure can see the sky and it is snowing, divide this number by 2.
  5. Round the number down.
  6. The water tank will produce, on average, this number of millibuckets every eight ticks (x/8 mB per tick).

Weather is considered to be binary and will exhibit two modes at most in biomes. Arid biomes will not exhibit weather. Rain biomes (the default) will rain. Snowy biomes will exhibit snow.

Biome Свойство на Валежите Метеорологично време
Океан 5 Дъжд
Поле 5 Дъжд
Пустиня 0 Сух
Екстремни хълмове 3 Дъжд
Гора 5 Дъжд
Тайга 8 Дъжд
блато 9 Дъжд
River 5 Дъжд
Hell 0 Сух
Sky (End biome) 5 Сух
Frozen Ocean 5 Сняг
Frozen River 5 Сняг
Ice Plains 5 Сняг
Ice Mountains 5 Сняг
Mushroom Island 10 Дъжд
Mushroom Island Shore 10 Дъжд
Beach 4 Дъжд
Desert Hills 0 Сух
Forest Hills 5 Дъжд
Taiga Hills 8 Дъжд
Extreme Hills Edge 3 Дъжд
Jungle 9 Дъжд
Jungle Hills 9 Дъжд
Jungle Edge 8 Дъжд
Deep Ocean 5 Дъжд
Stone Beach 3 Дъжд
Cold Beach 3 Сняг
Birch Forest 5 Дъжд
Birch Forest Hills 5 Дъжд
Roofed Forest 5 Дъжд
Cold Taiga 4 Сняг
Cold Taiga Hills 4 Сняг
Mega Taiga 8 Дъжд
Mega Taiga Hills 8 Дъжд
Extreme Hills+ 3 Дъжд
Savanna 0 Сух
Savanna Plateau 0 Сух
Mesa 5 Дъжд
Mesa Plateau F 5 Дъжд
Mesa Plateau 5 Дъжд

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