Wind Generator (AcademyCraft)

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This page is about the Wind Generator added by AcademyCraft. For other uses, see Wind Generator.
Wind Generator

Wind Generator Fan

Wind Generator Pillar

TypeSolid block
Wind Generator Pillar Base


Wind Generator is a multiblock generator added by AcademyCraft. It will generate Imag Flux as long as it is installed correctly and without obstacle. The IF generation speed varies on altitude: the higher wind generator is, the more IF it will generate.

A working Wind Generator

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Installation[edit | edit source]

AcademyCraft Wind Generator Installation.png

  • Place Pillar Base on the ground.
  • Place Pillar blocks over Pillar Base. The whole wind generator structure requires at least 8 pillar blocks, and allow at most 40 pillar blocks.
  • Place Wind Generator atop.
  • Right click Wind Generator to open its GUI, and place a Wind Generator Fan into the single slot.
  • Check the surrounding, make sure that there is no obstacle nearby.
  • Go back to Pillar Base block, and config it to connect with Imag Nodes.