Windmaker's Charge

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Windmaker's Charge

ModAdventurer's Amulets
Adventurer's Amulets Information
Charge is the "unit of power" for all of the wearable items in Adventurer's Amulets. Every type of Bauble charges in a different way based on the environment around you. See the "Charge Types" page for more information.
Charge Types
All Windmaker's items will gain charge if you are standing above Y-level 200. They do so at a pretty fast rate, so building your home in the skies might not be a bad idea.

The Windmaker's Charge is a type of energy charge from Adventurer's Amulets. It is used to charge the Windmaker's trinkets. In order to charge Windmaker trinkets, the player must be above the Y level 200. It will passively charge all Windmaker's baubles in the player's Baubles inventory, and all Windmaker's Focus Crystals in the player's inventory.