Wireless Jammer

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Wireless Jammer

ModWireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition
TypeSolid block

The Wireless Jammer is an item block that blocks nearby wireless redstone signals.



The Jammer is jamming the nearby Wireless Transmitter. The Wireless Receiver has already been jammed (red bulb is off).

Simply place the Wireless Jammer on the ground to begin blocking nearby wireless redstone signals. By default the Jammer is always 'On,' but can be switched off with a redstone signal through its front end. Red lightning bolts will shoot out from its tip as it disables nearby wireless items (visually, those items' red bulbs will turn off). This lightning bolt will also damage nearby entities and slightly damage the player.

Disabling the Jammer or removing it will allow wireless signals to begin transmitting again after several seconds. The red bulbs of wireless items will eventually blink a few times before remaining on, showing that redstone signals are now being transmitted or received.