Wispy Cotton

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Wispy Cotton

Witchery Information

Witchcraft: Herbology
A make-believe plant that only grows, in the deepest of sleep, where ones dreams go.
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Wispy Cotton is a plant added by Witchery. This plant can only be found in the Spirit World. The Wispy Cotton item can only be obtained from the plant if the player is not having a nightmare; otherwise Disturbed Cotton will drop instead. Wispy Cotton can be replanted, but will only spread if it is on dirt or grass that is next to Flowing Spirit. Disturbed Cotton cannot be replanted.

Wispy Cotton can be used to help reduce the chances of a nightmare when entering the Spirit World, each by 10% if planted within an 8 block radius (including vertically) of the player. Up to two Wispy Cottons can be used for this purpose.

Wispy Cotton, like the Disturbed variant, can travel from the Spirit World to the Overworld. Wispy Cotton is used in the creation of the Fanciful Thread.