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Witch Hunter Pistol Crossbow

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Witch Hunter Pistol Crossbow


The Witch Hunter Pistol Crossbow is a weapon added by Witchery. It has a durability of 768 uses and can fire four types of bolts: Wooden, Nullifying, Bone, and Splitting. Each type of bolt save for Wooden Bolts has its own unique trait. Witch Hunters will wield the Pistol Crossbow. Enchanting the Pistol Crossbow with Infinity will give a 25% chance of not consuming bolts when shot from.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

Bolts must be present in a player's inventory. The crossbow is loaded by holding down the right-mouse button for a few seconds while sneaking. To shoot the crossbow, hold down and release the right-mouse button. A critical hit will occur if the right-mouse button is held down longer, like a vanilla Bow.