Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes

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Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes


The Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes is a book from the Witchery mod. This book serves as in-game documentation, and explains how to use a Brazier to summon creatures, and how to bind them to Fetishes.



Witchcraft: Conjuration & Fetishes[edit]

A witch may use a Brazier to burn materials with magical purpose, and conjure that which is no longer of this world.

Place the ingredients into the brazier and ignite with a flint and tinder.

Summon Spectre[edit]

Pull a dead being back into this world from beyond.

Summon Banshee[edit]

Pull a screaming being back into this world from beyond.

Graveyard Mist[edit]

Call forth a thick mist that lingers for some minutes.

Anguish of the Dead[edit]

Inflict the pain of the dead when striking creatures near to the brazier.

Fortification of the Corpse[edit]

Let the dead feel your pain while standing near the brazier.

  • Tear of the Goddess
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Blaze Powder

Deathly Veil[edit]

Vanish from sight while standing near to the brazier.

  • Ender Pearl
  • Spider Eye
  • Blaze Rod

Drain Growth[edit]

Suck the life from crops to heal nearby undead.

Fetish Binding[edit]

A witch may use the Rite of Binding to bind spectral creatures to a fetish to create permanent effects.

The following pages (sections) show which beings must be bound for which effect.

Voodoo Protection[edit]

The properties of a carried Voodoo Protection Poppet become stronger.

Beings required:


Launches a spectral assault on unwanted beings.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Spectre: 3


Screams when specific beings are near by.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Banshee: 2


Confuses approaching beings.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Poltergeist: 2

Ghost Walking[edit]

Sustains manifested creatures from the Spirit World.

Beings required:

  • Spirit: 3
  • Spectre: 1
  • Banshee: 1