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Wolfman Form

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Wolfman Form
Witchery Information
Ability type Werewolf
Required level 5
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The Wolfman Form is a mechanic from Witchery. It is a physical form that the player can transform into when they reach Level 5 in Lycanthropy. The player will transform into Wolfman Form during a full moon night if they do not have a Moon Charm in their inventory (instead of Wolf Form). Alternatively, they can choose to transform if they have the charm in their inventory by holding shift-right click with it.

Positive changes[edit | edit source]

  • Faster movement speed
  • Significantly longer and higher jump
  • Immune to poison and disease
  • Natural resistance and incoming damage cap (even better than the Wolf Form)
  • Night Vision
  • Step assist (the player does not need to jump to get over 1 block)
  • Up to 20 hearts of health added
  • Unarmed damage increase

Negative changes[edit | edit source]

  • Cannot wear any form of armor
  • Cannot hold any item except for the Moon Charm (any other item held will be dropped on the ground)
  • Cannot use weapons (If a weapon is successfully held, its statistics are ignored)
  • Weak to silver; the wolfman takes double damage from silver and it ignores their natural resistance and incoming damage cap