Wolfsbane (effect)

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This page is about the Wolfsbane brew effect from Witchery. For other uses, see Wolfsbane.

Witchery Information

Witches' Brews
Prevents a werewolf from shapeshifting, thus locking it in its current form until the potion wears off. The power of the effect determines how effective it is against more powerful werewolves.
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Effect level 1
Brew component type Effect

Wolfsbane is a level 1 custom brew effect component from Witchery. It can be obtained by placing a Wolfsbane in the brew before bottling.

A potion of any dispersal method will cause the afflicted to be stuck in their current state (wolf or man) for the set duration of time. This effect is only effective against those who are cursed with Lycanthropy. More powerful werewolves will not be effected by this effect, unless a power modifier has been used in the brew.