Wooden Bathing Pot

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Wooden Bathing Pot

ModGregTech 6
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance5.0
Technical details
Registry namegt.multitileentity:32721
First appearance6.03.37

The Wooden Bathing Pot is a tile entity added by GregTech 6. It is used to perform Bath recipes by hand. It cannot be filled with corrosive or high-temperature fluids compared to the normal Bathing Pot or Bath.

Although it has no GUI, the Wooden Bathing Pot does have an NEI recipe list display. The top-left corner on the surface of the Wooden Bathing Pot contains a bright yellow "NEI" button, and right-clicking it will open an NEI recipe list for the Bath.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

The Pot may also be propped up on a slab of Bricks to make the Wooden Bathing Pot Table, which functions identically.