Wooden Bookshelf

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Wooden Bookshelf

ModGregTech 6
TypeTile entity
Storage28 Items

The Wooden Bookshelves are a set of tile entities added by GregTech 6. They are used to hold books, Thaumometers, Keys, Extruder Shapes, Music Disks, Blueprints, cobblestone, and many other items with the tooltip "Can be placed inside a GT Bookshelf". Many of these items have a custom render while in a bookshelf, others are disguised as books. Each of the four shelves can hold seven objects. They can be made from different woods for aesthetic purposes.

Recipe[edit | edit source]

Wooden bookshelves can also be made of the planks from the following mods in the wood registry if they are installed, and will have a matching texture: Forestry, Extra Trees, Erebus, Aether II, Thaumcraft, Twilight Forest, Immersive Engineering, Railcraft, the Betweenlands, Atum, Tropicraft, Highlands.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Redstone Torches, Levers, and Buttons placed in a Bookshelf will all appear as books, and retain their behavior. Right-clicking a slot with a button or lever will change the redstone signal emitted by the bookshelf the same way as the hidden item. A Redstone Torch 'book' acts like a lever 'book'. Shift-right clicking the slot retrieves the item like normal.

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