Worldshaper's Astrolabe

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Worldshaper's Astrolabe


The Worldshaper's Astrolabe is an item added by Botania. It uses Mana to quickly place multiple blocks of the same type.

Shift right-clicking with the astrolabe on a block will set the Astrolabe to place that type of block. Shift right-clicking with it in the air will change the affected area, cycling through 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, 9×9 and 11×11.

While the Astrolabe is held when looking at a block, a preview of the effect is shown. Right-clicking will place blocks in the area shown in the preview, using 320 Mana per row of placed blocks; for example, placing blocks in an 11×11 area costs Mana. Blocks cannot be placed if the player's inventory does not contain enough blocks to fill the area,

Similarly to the Rod of the Shifting Crust, the astrolabe can use a Rod of the Lands, Highlands or Terra Firma to place Dirt for their standard mana cost. Rod of the Depths will do the same with Cobblestone. Black Hole Talisman will provide its contents for no additional cost.

A Hand of Ender in the user's inventory will allow the Astrolabe to use contents of the player's vanilla Ender inventory, but will consume an extra 5 Mana per block placed, and the preview will not be shown.

Recipe[edit | edit source]