Zombie Generator

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Zombie Generator
Zombie Generator.png

ModEnder IO
Tooltip textConsumes Nutrient Distillation to generate power
Next tier
RF storageBase: 100,000 RF
RF productionBase: 80 RF/t

The Zombie Generator is a machine added by Ender IO. It generates Micro Infinity (µI) using Nutrient Distillation.

Like most Ender IO machines, the Zombie Generator requires at least a Basic Capacitor to be installed to function. Better capacitors increase the machine's maximum energy production rate, but do not affect fuel consumption; therefore, installing a better capacitor increases fuel efficiency. Nutrient Distillation lasts for 12 ticks per millibucket (mB), so it uses 0.08 mB/t.

Energy production is as follows:


The generator requires at least 1400 mB of Nutrient Distillation in its internal tank to generate power.

Recipe[edit | edit source]