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Zone (Wizardry)

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This page is about the Zone added by Wizardry. For other uses, see Zone.


Zone is a shape component added by Wizardry. It allows the spell to be cast persistently around the player on a 3 block radius horizontally every 70 ticks on blocks and 40 on entities. This effect lasts for 10 seconds. This shape component adds 1 Glass to the items required for the spell.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

  • The area modifier increases the horizontal range of the spell up to 7 (10 blocks total). Costs 1 Emerald each.
  • The power modifier reduces the number of ticks between casts. Costs 1 Prismarine Shard each.
  • The range modifier increases the vertical range up to 19 (20 blocks total). Costs 1 Lapis Lazuli each.
  • The time modifier increases the duration of the spell by half a second up to 90 (100 seconds total). Costs 1 Gold Nugget each.

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