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Modicon ztones.png
Current developersriciJak
Latest version2.2.1
Latest Minecraft version1.7.10
Needed forChiselTones
Vanilla Plus

Ztones is a mod by riciJak. It adds a large amount of decorational blocks, as well as various useful tools, such as the Ofanix which can be used as a hand-held Crafting Table or Cobblestone generator.

Most of the decorational blocks are put into groups; each group shares a common name, mostly often with a length of four letters, but each block in a group has a unique unicode number after the name (such as Lair ⓪ and Lair ⑬). A block in a group can be easily transformed into another block in the same group by holding alt-ctrl and scrolling with the block in hand.

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