"i" Is For Inventory

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"i" Is For Inventory
Current developersSpinach_Chicken
Latest Minecraft version1.8

"i" Is For Inventory is a mod by Spinach_Chicken. This mod adds 4 Inventory Machines to process items instantly by crafting the Inventory Machine with the item that needs to be processed. The Inventory Machine should not be consumed after processing items, but the Inventory Machine is consumed, possibly due to a bug.

Inventory Machines[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

These are the Inventory Machines added by "i" Is For Inventory.


The iSmelter is an Inventory Machine used to smelt things. It can only smelt vanilla Minecraft smeltables that have been implemented before 1.7. It is also used for the crafting of the iRefinery.


The iRefinery is an Inventory Machine used to smelt ores. It can only smelt vanilla Minecraft ores that have been implemented before 1.7. The iRefinery gives twice the amount of smelted ores than vanilla Minecraft furnaces.


The iGreenhouse is an Inventory Machine used to speed up the growth of crops. When crafted with a vanilla Minecraft seed (including carrots and potatoes), the iGreenhouse outputs the completely grown versions of the seed. It outputs 2 carrots or 2 potatoes if the input is a carrot or potato.


The iCrusher is an Inventory Machine. It can turn Stone into Cobblestone, Cobblestone into Gravel, Gravel into Sand, and Quartz Block into 4 Nether Quartz.

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