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TypeSolid block
Previous tier
Max EU input8192 EU/t
EU storage1,000,000,000 EU
Max EU output8192 EU/t

The Advanced-Functional Storage Unit, or AFSU, is a Tier 5 energy storage unit that stores IndustrialCraft 2 EU. The AFSU is capable of storing 1,000,000,000 EU and outputs 8192 EU/t from the dotted side. It can be safely removed with a Wrench without needing lossless mode, as there is no chance of it turning back into a Basic Machine Casing.

Alternate textures[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

Originally when the mod was released, many users didn't like the AFSU's original texture. Therefore, some users provided new textures, and in the next major version a config option was added to use these alternate textures. To change the texture of the AFSU, the player must open the auto-generated config and change "AFSU Texture" 's value from "default" to blue, yellow, black, old, chloe1, chloe2, chloe3 or freezy; this is case-sensitive. The game must be reset for an effect to be seen.


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