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Advanced Fluxian Tools

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Advanced Fluxian Tools
Modicon Advanced Fluxian Tools.png
Current developerstgame14
Latest version0.0.1.3
Latest Minecraft version1.7.2
Depends ontgame Core
Mod IDadvfluxtools
Unstable 1.7.x

Advanced Fluxian Tools is a mod by tgame14 that adds advanced tools and machinery using the Redstone Flux power system and API. The mod comes with CoFH Lib automatically shipped. Though Thermal Expansion is not required, it is recommended. If Thermal Expansion is not available and installed, Advanced Fluxian Tools will add its own set of recipes using vanilla Minecraft materials. The power will still be available because the RF API will be installed.

After releasing Advanced Fluxian Tools, tgame14 branched some planned features into their own mod, now known and released as Inductive-Charge-Systems.

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