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Amulet of Emergency Shielding (Thaumcraft 4)

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This page is about the Amulet of Emergency Shielding added by Thaumcraft 4. For other uses, see Amulet of Emergency Shielding.
Amulet of Emergency Shielding

ModThaumcraft 4
TC4 Aspects





The Amulet of Emergency Shielding is a bauble added by Thaumcraft 4. It can be worn in the amulet slot and gives the player 7 Runic Shields. However, when the Runic Shield is breached, the amulet gives the player another 8 Runic Shields. This effect cannot happen more than once a minute.


Instability: High

Thaumonomicon entry[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

This is a specialized version of the Amulet of Shielding.
It has slightly less charge than the amulet it is based on, but when your shielding is breached this upgrade will instantly add 8 charge to your shielding amount.
This effect cannot trigger more than once a minute.