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Ashen Cloak

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Ashen Cloak

Armor rating7 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svgHalf Armor.svg)

The Ashen Cloak is an armor piece added by Embers.



Using a Dawnstone Anvil, the Ashen Cloak can be upgraded with several upgrades. First a Motive Core must be attached to allow the generation of heat. Heat is acquired through normal use of the item, and once the item has reached maximum heat, it can be upgraded in an Inferno Forge to gain a level.
For each heat level on the item, an upgrade can be attached at a Dawnstone Anvil:

Blasting Core

Cinder Jet

Eldritch Insignia

Flame Barrier

Intelligent Apparatus

Shifting Scales

Tinker's Lens

Smoky Tinker's Lens

Winding Gears

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