BetterThanMinecon 2015

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BetterThanMinecon 2015
Start dateJuly 4th, 2015
End dateJuly 5th, 2015
Conducted byAsie

BetterThanMinecon 2015 was the original BetterThanMinecon convention conducted by Asie. It was created on July 3rd and 4th, 2015, based on a Twitter joke, and it inspired several spinoff conventions. The roughly 26 hours of preparation resulted in a modpack, a server containing a convention center, a number of booths representing some of the features of a variety of mods, a talk room in which several panels were hosted, an IRC channel, and a Mumble server. BetterThanMinecon 2015 ran parallel to the real life Minecon, from 9am July 4th to 9pm July 5th. Video recordings of most of its panels can be found on its web page.

The BetterThanMinecon modpack contain several developmental or beta versions of mods. One mod used in BetterThanMinecon 2015 was compiled mere minutes before the launch of the server.



The timetable was provided in "British time" (GMT+1).

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