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ModGregTech 6

The Boxinator is a processing machine added by GregTech 6. It is used to pack materials to make them easier to store. It can pack 16 ingots/plates/dusts/gems into an Empty Crate to make a crate of ingots/plates/dusts/gems. It can also pack 9 ingots/plates/dusts/gems into their corresponding solid storage block. All of these are undone by the Unboxinator.

The Boxinator is powered by electrical energy or EU.



With an Empty Crate, the Boxinator takes 16 of an Ingot, Gem, Plate, Crystalline Plate, or Dust and makes the corresponding crate of stuff.

With a Selector Tag:9, the Boxinator performs 3x3 shapeless compression recipes. These are the storage Block of Ingots/Plates/Gems/Dust or Gem Plates, and also bales of grass or other grains. With a Selector Tag:4, the Boxinator performs 2x2 shapeless compression recipes. Such as Rocks to Cobblestone, or Quartz and Prismarine items to their Blocks.

With a Crate from forestry, it does all of the Forestry Carpenter recipes that crate 9 of an item.

It also does a few other odd recipes, like Chum on a Stick.