Crack of the Fractured Crystal

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Crack of the Fractured Crystal
ModBlood Magic

The Crack of the Fractured Crystal is a ritual added by Blood Magic. Upon activation, the ritual harvests Crystal Clusters within its range, dropping Demon Will Crystals, but leaving the main Crystal Cluster stem intact. The ritual harvests in a 7x7x5 area centered around the
Master Ritual Stone, with the lowest Crystal at least 2 blocks above the Master Ritual Stone (Crystal Clusters placed on the top 4
Ritual Stone of Dusks will be harvested - See Construction).

This ritual is used primarily in the automation of Demon Will generation and collection.


Building the ritual may be done manually using
Ritual Stones manually inscribed with Elemental Inscription Tools around the central
Master Ritual Stone, or placed automatically by right clicking on the
Master Ritual Stone with a
Ritual Diviner that has been upgraded to place dusk runes and set to the Crack of the Fractured Crystal schematic.

The full structure requires the following:



The activation of this ritual costs 40,000 LP, using the Weak Activation Crystal or higher tier crystals.