DM Furnace

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DM Furnace

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
TypeSolid block
Next tier
EMC value1,114,120 EMC

The DM Furnace or Dark Matter Furnace is a block from Equivalent Exchange 2. It functions as a standard furnace, but is about 20 times faster, has 8 extra input and output slots, and will double the output of ore blocks that are put in it 50% of the time.

The Dark Matter Furnace runs on alchemical fuels, such as Aeternalis Fuel, and EMC. It can accept EMC from adjacent Energy Collectors or Anti-Matter Relays of any tier.

Adjacent Alchemical Chests will receive the products of the furnace directly. The products will be placed into the chest by the stack.


Fuel values[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

Fuel EMC value Smelts per fuel

32 44

128 44

Alchemical Coal
512 177

Mobius Fuel
2048 711

Aeternalis Fuel
8192 2908