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Deflector Generator

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Deflector Generator

ModEngineer's Toolbox
TypeSolid block

The Deflector Generator is a block added by Engineer's Toolbox. The Deflector Generator will generate Deflector blocks above it. By default, it will generate 3; however, placing more Deflector Generators underneath will increase the number of Deflector blocks by 1 per added Generator until the maximum number of 7 Deflectors.

The Deflector block acts like a ghost block in that it can be entered. When an entity enters a Deflector block, it will make a loud clicking sound. Although the official Engineer's Toolbox Manual notes this will cause damage,[1] it in fact does not, only damaging hostile mobs. Passive mobs and players take no damage and can easily pass through. Deflector blocks can attach to each other in a way similar to Iron Bars.

Giving a Redstone signal to any part of the Deflector Generator will disable it's functionality.