Detector - Item

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Detector - Item

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The Detector - Item is a block from the Railcraft mod. This block is meant to output a Redstone signal based on the type of Minecart that passes in front of it. The Detector - Item will output a Redstone signal if there is a Chest Cart that contains the specified items in front of it. They can be placed under or beside Minecart Tracks, and will output a signal to the side that has a small square. When a Redstone signal is active this square will turn red.



This detector has a GUI in which the required items in the Chest Cart to produce a Redstone signal can be set. By default this is set to Anything, which will output a Redstone signal as long as there is a Chest Cart present. It can be changed to Filtered, Not Empty, Analog, Empty, or Full.

Filtered will show a second section, which is default set to At Least. It can be changed to At Most or Exactly. Desired item requirements can be set in the slots by simply putting the items in them. The second section can then be changed to At Least, At Most, or Exactly, depending on what is desired. These names should be self-explanatory. Nine stacks of ghost items can be in the slots at a time.

Not Empty will output a signal if the Chest Cart has anything inside of it.

Analog will not output a Redstone signal ever.

Empty will output a signal only if there is absolutely nothing in the Chest Cart.

Full will output a signal if the Chest Cart is completely full of items.