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Current developersProfMobius
Latest version1.0.0a
Latest Minecraft version1.6.4
Depends onMobiusCore
IRC channel#MobiusStripconnect
Magic World 2
Tech World 2
Direwolf20 1.6.4

EVOC is a mod by ProfMobius. It requires the MobiusCore library to launch. EVOC stands for Extreme Vanilla Optimization Collection or Code. This mod aims to add server-side optimization to some Vanilla TileEntities. These TileEntities are the Hopper, the Furnace, and the Monster Spawner. All three of these machines tend to lag server tick-rate if used in mass. It is designed to eliminate specific corner cases that can cause extreme tick lag. For example, in vanilla, if a hopper is completely empty or completely full it can cause huge tick lag. The mod brings a approximate tenfold reduction in update time for idle hoppers.

Note that this mod is not compatible with MCPC+.

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