Elven Mana Spreader

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Elven Mana Spreader

TypeSolid block
StackableYes (64)
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The Elven Mana Spreader is an a block added by Botania. It is an upgraded version of the Mana Spreader and allows for Mana bursts to travel longer without losing Mana.



The Elven Mana Spreader can fire Mana bursts up to 20 blocks before suffering Mana loss compared to the 12-block distance of the standard Mana Spreader. The Elven Mana Spreader also fires Mana at a faster rate.

The Elven Mana Spreader also has a different Mana burst color, which by default is pink, and can be changed using a Mana Lens. The Elven Mana Spreader cannot be crafted into a Redstone Mana Spreader.