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Emasher Resource

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Emasher Resource
Modicon emashersresource.png
Current developersEmasher
Latest Minecraft version1.6.4
Tech World 2

Emasher Resource is a mod by Emasher. It adds common code for Emasher to use in his other mods, Engineer's Toolbox, GasCraft, and Defense. This common code is to reduce redundant code within his mods. It also adds the ores and generation code needed for his mods. These ores are disabled by default in Feed The Beast modpacks, but can be reenabled in the configuration file.


Currently, the mod adds eight ores:

  • Cassiterite Ore (produces Tin)
  • Native Copper Ore (produces Copper)
  • Pentlandite Ore (produces Nickel)
  • Galena Ore (produces Lead)
  • Bauxite Ore (produces Aluminium)
  • Emery Ore (produces Emery)
  • Ruby Ore (produces Ruby)
  • Sapphire Ore (produces Sapphire)

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