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Ender Garbage Dump

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Ender Garbage Dump

ModGregTech 6
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textThis is where all the Trash Bin Items & Fluids go to
Accesses the Garbage Dimension to retrieve Trash.
If used properly, people could for example 'donate' Resources.

Admins have to spawn this in. (or you MineTweaker a Recipe in)
Blast resistance6.0
Technical details
Registry namegt.multitileentity:32710
First appearance6.03.04

The Ender Garbage Dump is a tile entity added by GregTech 6. It receives everything deleted using the GregTech 6 API. Only the oldest one on each server outputs stuff. Items are dropped in world unless the bottom face has a Cover on it. Pipes extract from it as a first-in-first-out stack of everything in the 'Garbage Dimension'. It must be spawned in via creative mode or console commands.

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