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Feed The Beast (auch bekannt als FTB) ist ein Launcher, Gemeinschaft und große Gruppen von Modpacks erstellt vom FTB Team. Es entstand aus einer Herausforderungskarte für Minecraft welches Gebrauch von mehreren Technik Mods machte, entwickelt von einen kleinen Team angeführt von Slowpoke. Es hat sich später weiterentwickelt zu einem Launcher und mehreren Modpacks.


Slowpoke's Bild von "The Beast".

Die Karte spielte sich ziemlich ähnlich zu einem Kartentyp, welcher als Sky Block bekannt ist, wo der Spieler in einer leeren Welt auf einer kleinen Plattform starten und eine Serie von Herausforderungen bewältigen musste. Da FTB Technik Mods enthielt, war es möglich verschiedene spezielle Blöcke und Gegenstände zu benutzen, um den Fortschritt der Herausforderungen und des Spielers festhalten, sowie automatisch Auszeichnungen zu vergeben, wenn eine Herausforderung erfüllt wurde.

The map was adapted to allow multiple players to compete against each other in a race to complete the objectives. This version gained large popularity after being live-streamed on Twitch.tv with Direwolf20 competing against Mattabase, both very well known users of the mods included in the map.

After the map was released, the FTB Team decided to simplify the installation of the modpack by creating a launcher to automatically distribute the map, mods and configuration for those interested in playing it.

The map went through various iterations, including the bedrock map - known for the challenge and reward structure made of bedrock. However most players that refer to the "FTB map" mean the pyramid map, known for its large basalt pyramid that included various rooms that listed a set of items the player had to create in order to solve each challenge. That version was then updated to a harder version, known as FTB Insanity, which took many players 50 to even over 100 hours of play time to fully complete.

Slowpoke's FTB mod pack announcement image.

Slowpoke kündigte die Erstellung eines neuen Modpacks am 13. August 2012 mit einem Beitrag im Minecraft Forum an, welche von der Feed the Beast Karte und seinen Mods inspiriert wurde.

An important feature of the new modpack was the solicitation of permissions[1] from the mod developers prior to inclusion of that developer's mods in the FTB modpack, which had previously caused Technic controversy.

The modpack was centered around mods built using Minecraft Forge. It initially focused on mods of a technical theme, such as IndustrialCraft 2, BuildCraft, and RedPower 2, but it expanded to include magic mods like Thaumcraft 3 and Mystcraft.

The initial mod pack was released as a beta in November 2012. It stayed in beta status for some time because of the necessity for mod authors to update their mods to Minecraft version 1.4, where everything became server based. This process proved a long road for a few of the mods that were core to the pack.

Other versions of the FTB modpack were created, including a Lite version, which slimmed down the list of mods to assist new users learn the ins and outs without being overwhelmed. A Magic World version, which focused on mods of a magical nature, was also released.

Many recent FTB modpacks include built-in quests with Hardcore Questing Mode, and some focus on other themes and difficulties. FTB Infinity Evolved contained two modes- a normal mode and an "Expert Mode". In the Expert Mode, several of the recipes of various blocks and items were modified, forcing players to progress through many mods' tech trees in order to progress. FTB Infinity Evolved has sometimes been cited as the most popular Minecraft modpack in history.

The FTB Launcher

The launcher was released as alpha during a livestream by Slowpoke101. The number of downloads initially overwhelmed the server, leaving many users frustrated. After resolving the server issues, a beta version was released. A website, feed-the-beast.com, soon followed. The first production release also suffered from the sheer number of downloads, but the issues were shortly resolved.

The main features of the launcher were:

  • It automatically downloaded a list of FTB modpacks and approved 3rd party modpacks.
  • It automatically downloaded all mod installation files and creation of the minecraft instance.
  • It had full distribution support from all developers of the mods included in the pack.
  • It had a planned set of config files, assigning unique ids to all mod blocks, preventing overlaps that cause Minecraft to crash and were the frequent bane of users trying to manually install mods.
  • It automatically downloaded featured and 3rd party maps, such as the Feed the Beast challenge map.
  • It supported downloading of pre-configured server instances, making it very easy for admins to host the mods on a server.
  • It automatically downloaded featured and 3rd party texture packs.

Twitch Desktop App

Haupt-Artikel: Twitch Desktop App

After a partnership with Curse, Inc., the FTB Launcher was planned to be replaced with the Curse application, later renamed to the Twitch Desktop App. The Twitch Desktop App allows for easier modpack creation, configuration and usage, although it is in beta. However, as the application currently does not support Linux, the FTB Launcher is still supported, but it is deprecated.


"Feed The Beast"

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