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WikiPack is a set of modpacks and servers for the purpose of grouping together the FTB Wiki community and other players to test and document mods.


WikiPack 1 (for 1.7.10)[(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

You can get it here!

  • Server information is included with the modpack.
  • This server is focused around GregTech 6 and whatever Retep998 wants.
  • Recommended clientside mods include Xaero's Minimap and Xaero's World Map.
  • If you get Optifine you can use the included lightmap resource pack which will enhance lighting, especially in the dark.

WikiPack 3.2 (for 1.12.2)[(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

You can get it here! You can join the server at play.feed-the-beast.com:25554 if whitelisted

Server rules[(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

(Ordered by importance)

  1. You cannot use a block or item or other feature if it is undocumented on the wiki.
  2. Do not vandalize [sic] or harass others.
  3. Don't break everything.
  4. Tomatoes are vegetables.
  5. Only steal from TheSatanicSanta.
  6. Non-editors are welcome on the servers, but the servers are first and foremost for wiki editors. If non-editor players are causing trouble for the editors, they don't have a right to a jury and may be kicked and/or banned. If just behave nicely you'll probably be fine.