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Fusion Reactor (NuclearCraft)

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This page is about the Fusion Reactor added by NuclearCraft. For other uses, see Fusion Reactor.

This page is for Fusion Reactors in NuclearCraft.

Fusion Reactors[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

Fusion Reactor of Toroid Size 4

A fusion reactor consists of a hollow, square 'ring' of Fusion Electromagnets centered around a Fusion Core. Reactors of size greater than 1 will require four sets of Fusion Connectors that connect the core and toroid.

The reactor has two input fuel tanks and four output product tanks. By default, there are seven fuels available to use in the fusion reactor: Hydrogen, Deuterium, Tritium, Helium-3, Lithium-6, Lithium-7 and Boron-11. The 28 different combinations of these fuels each have different reaction properties, including different products, different power gen rates and different optimal heat levels. The table on the Fusion Fuels page shows all of the stats for each fusion 'fuel combo'.

Fusion reactors require pre-heating by pumping in an enormous amount of energy (RF, etc.) The electromagnets that make up the ring also require a certain amount of power just to run. So you need to have a decent power infrastructure in place before you start on this project. Obviously, a NuclearCraft Fission Reactor is a great place to start!

Once the reactor reaches the ignition temperature of 8 MK (mega Kelvin), the fusion reaction between the two fuels will commence - the heat will begin to rise much more quickly and the products of the reaction will be generated. If the output tanks get full, the reactor will stall, so it is important to be extracting these products at all times. Some of the products may be used as fuel for other reactors. For example, the fusion of Hydrogen ions produces Deuterium nuclei, which can then be used as fuel in another fusion reactor.

The number of Fusion Electromagnets required is 32(n+2), where n is the size of the reactor. Here is the result for the smallest reactors:

Reactor size Electromagnet required
1 96
2 128
3 160
4 192