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Getting Started (Thaumcraft 6)

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This guide is on getting started with Thaumcraft 6. It is meant to get you up and running like a pro.

Obtaining a Thaumonomicon[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

Main article: Thaumonomicon (Thaumcraft 6)

The Thaumonomicon is the most important item in the mod! It serves as a roadmap to the mod and is needed in research and the like. To obtain it, you have to mine an Air Crystal, a Fire Crystal, a Water Crystal, an Earth Crystal, an Order Crystal, an Entropy Crystal, or a Flux Crystal or obtain any Vis crystals. Once this is done, a message will appear encouraging you to sleep in a Bed. After waking up, you receive a book titled Strange Dreams, which instructs you to use Salis Mundus on a Bookshelf to acquire the Thaumonomicon.

Making a Arcane Workbench[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

Just like the Thaumonomicon you want to sprinkle (right click) Salis Mundus on to a crafting table