GregTech 5 Unofficial

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This page is about GregTech 5 Unofficial for Minecraft 1.7.10. For other versions of GregTech, see GregTech.
GregTech 5 Unofficial
Modicon gregtech5.gif
Current developersBlood Asp
Past developersGregoriusT
Latest version5.10.41
Latest Minecraft version1.10.2
Depends onIndustrialCraft 2
Discord serverLink

GregTech 5 Unofficial (sometimes referred to as GT5U) is a fork of GregTech 5 created open-source by Blood Asp. It was originally created because GregTech 5 was incompatible with Forge version 1335 and up, but later versions of the mod reintroduce many of the older machines and generators from GregTech 4.


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