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Infusion of Otherwhere

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Infusion of Otherwhere

The Infusion of Otherwhere is an infusion ritual added by Witchery. This ritual gives players the power of the End, allowing them to teleport. When performed, the player will likely die. Dying will result in a failed infusion. To prevent death on infusion, a Death Protection Poppet can be bound to the player performing the ritual.

The abilities available through the Infusion of Otherwhere are utilized with various controls using a Witches Hand:

  • Use to teleport a short distance towards the targeted location or mob.
  • Hold the use button to teleport a long distance towards the targeted location or mob.
  • Sneak+hold the use button until a sound effect occurs and/or "Release mouse button to set Recall Point" appears to set a recall point.
  • Sneak+use to return to the last set recall point.
  • Punch an entity to teleport it and the player into the air.
  • Sneak+punch an entity to teleport it and the player to the last saved recall point.


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Rite of Infusion

You must stand in the circle.

Spirit of Otherwhere

Altar power 0