Item Crafting chip

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Item Crafting chip

ModProject Red
Required modulesTransportation

The Item Crafting Chip is an item added by Project Red which allows the player, in connection with the Routed Crafting pipe, to craft automatic items (see Usage).

If the mod MineChem is installed, the Item Crafting chip can be decomposed with the Chemical Decomposer into different chemical compounds of MineChem.



The Item Crafting Chip is a circuit which is used in the Routed Crafting pipe and in which it is defined what is automatically produced in the Routed Crafting pipe pipe. Before the chip can be installed or upgraded to a pipe, it must be configured by holding it in the player's hand and right-clicking.

The Item Crafting Chip can be upgraded via the Router Utility (see section Upgrades) to obtain and exand two further adjustment, the Priority and the Extensions.

The configuration has three different options:


In the matrix is the correct recipe with the raw material and product for the item which is to be crafted automatically.


In the standard version the priority (preference value) can be set from -2 to 2 and indicates which chip (and the chest behind) is preferred to receive the items. The chip with the highest number in the pipe network receives the objects first until the inventory is full. When that occurs a box with the next lower number is tried. If 2 or more chips have the same value, a chip is randomly selected and permanently accessed until the inventory behind the chip is full.


Extensions are available if the player has upgraded the R-slot of the Item Crafting Chip. In this configuration the player can choose specific colors for each place in the crafting matrix. This colors are linked with the Data Card slots in the Routed Crafting pipe.


The Item Crafting chip has an L-slot and R-slot that can be upgraded with the Router Utility and their respective upgrades.


The L-slot raises the maximum adjustable priority value and is calculated with Priority = Latency. The latency can be raised with the LX Upgrade by 3, the LY Upgrade by 5 and the LZ Upgrade by 54. To upgrade the chip with an LZ Upgrade, LX and LY upgrades are also simultaneously required in the installation process.


The R-slot raises the maximum number of extensions and is calculated with Extensions = Latency. The latency can be raised with the RX Upgrade by 8, the RY Upgrade by 16 and the RZ Upgrade by 24. To upgrade the chip with an RZ Upgrade, RX and RY are also simultaneously required in the installation process.