Large Centrifuge

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Large Centrifuge

ModGregTech 6
TypeMultiblock structure

The Large Centrifuge is a multiblock machine added by GregTech 6. The usage is the same as that of a single Centrifuge, however it can carry out 16 operations simultaneously.


The Large Centrifuge is constructed with two 3x3 layers of Centrifuge Parts. The controller replaces one of the side-center blocks on the lower level of Centrifuge Parts, and must be facing outwards. After successful construction, the texture of the top centrifuge parts will change, and a RU input port will appear in the bottom center.


Items and fluids can only be input from the top and output from any position other than the controller on the side. The Large Centrifuge requires 512 - 4096 RU/t supplied to the center-bottom block. It carries out the same recipes as the single-block Centrifuge however it will process up to 16 runs of a single recipe at a time. The Large Centrifuge has only 50% energy efficiency, however in exchange it suffers no penalty to overclocking the recipes it is fed (meaning that, when fed 4096 RU/t, it will operate at 8x the speed it would if it was fed 512 RU/t). In this way it is well suited to processing large batches of material, but inefficient on smaller input quantities.