Lesser Tartaric Gem

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Lesser Tartaric Gem

ModBlood Magic
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The Lesser Tartaric Gem is an item added by Blood Magic and a storage for Demonic will up to an amount of 256. This demonic will can be gathered with the Rudimentary Snare or Sentient Sword and is automatically stored into the gem, when the player picks up a Demonic Will. The Lesser Tartaric Gem is required for some recipes in the Hellfire Forge and can also be used as source for demonic will for the special attack of the Sentient Sword.

To craft this upgrade to the Lesser Tartaric Gem requires 60 Will in the Hellfire Forge but only consumes 20 Will.

Furthermore there are five versions of the Lesser Tartaric Gem with a different type of demonic will:

  • Default Will
  • Corrosive Will
  • Destructive Will
  • Vengeful Will
  • Steadfast Will