List of Mod Author Patreon accounts

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This article contains a list of mod author's (and other contributors') Patreon accounts. It is organized in alphabetical order, but the table can be sorted.

Author Main Project/Projects Link
Adubbz Biomes O' Plenty Here
Algorithmx2 Applied Energistics 2, Chisels & Bits Here
amadornes Framez Here
Amnet Biomes O' Plenty Here
Arcaratus Blood Arsenal Here
aroma1997 IndustrialCraft 2, AromaBackup, various others Here
asie BuildCraft, Charset, various others Here
AtomicStryker Minions, various others Here
Azanor Thaumcraft Here
Benimatic Twilight Forest Here
bdew NEI Addons, Gendustry, various others Here
BluSunrize Immersive Engineering Here
BrassGoggledCoders Steamcraft2 Here
Calclavia Universal Electricity Here
Chaka15205 The BackWoods Here
chbachman Modular Armour Here
chylex Hardcore Ender Expansion 2 Here
CovertJaguar Railcraft Here
Cuchaz Ships Mod, Power Tools Here
CyanideX various textures for various mods Here
deenkayros Portal Gates 2 Here
dmillerw MineMenu, RemoteIO, various others Here
DocRedstone/WingsOfLife Dynamic Liquid Tanks Here
Drullkus Chisel, various others Here
Ellpeck Actually Additions, various others Here
elucent Roots, Embers, various others Here
Eyamaz Blood N Bones, various others Here
Fabricator77 Highlands Here
freyja Metallurgy, Enchanting Plus Here
FyberOptic Hopper Ducts, Redstone Paste, various others Here
Gilded Games Aether II Here
GustoniaEagle Adventurer's Amulets Here
GregoriusT GregTech Here
HQM Team Hardcore Questing Mode Here
iChun PortalGun, various others Here
jakimfett MineChem, various others Here
joshie Mariculture, Enchiridion Here
K3Unl Hydraulicraft Here
Kashdeya Simple Upgrades, various others Here
Khaledhn1 Crazy Items Here
Kihira Player Rugs, Player Beacons, various others Here
Lance5057 Tinkers' Defense, Flaxbeard's Steam Power Here
Lomeli12 Equivalency, Gels+, various others Here
MatrexsVigil Pam's HarvestCraft Here
McJty RFTools Here
mDiyo Tinkers' Construct Here
micdoodle8 GalatiCraft Here
MineMaarten PneumaticCraft Here
Mineshopper Carpenter's Blocks here
Mithion Ars Magica 2 Here
Mr_Hazard/Damien Hazard Immersive Engineering Here
MrTJP Project Red Here
Nathaniel Iten Rails of War Here
nekosune Thaumic Tinkerer Here
Nuchaz BiblioCraft Here
OnyxDarkNight JewelryCraft 2 Here
OpenMods OpenBlocks Here
Pahimar Equivalent Exchange 3 Here
pauljoda Modular Systems, various others Here
Phoenix Team PhoenixCraft, various others Here
pixlepix Aura Cascade Here
Pokefenn Totemic Here
ProfMobius WAILA, JABBA Here
progwml6 Natura, Iron Chests, various others Here
quetzi Morpheus, FTB Team Here
raoulvdberge Refined Storage Here
Reika RotaryCraft, various Here
RS485 Logistics Pipes Here
RWTema Extra Utilities, Thermal Dynamics Here
SatanicSanta Flaxbeard's Steam Power, various others Here
SinKillerJ ProjectE, various others Here
Shadowclaimer Metallurgy Here
Shinoow AbyssalCraft Here
Soaryn XyCraft Here
sokratis12GR ArmorPlus, various others Here
SpaceToad BuildCraft Here
SpitefulFox Avaritia, Forbidden Magic Here
squeek502 Tinkers' Construct Tooltips, The Vegan Option Here
TeamCoFH Thermal Expansion, various others Here
Techbrew JourneyMap Here
TTFTCUTS Alternate Terrain Generation Here
Vanhal Progressive Automation Here
Vazkii Botania, Psi Here
wasliebob Thaumcraft Extras, Forestry Extras Here
WayOfTime Blood Magic Here
Workshopcraft More Foods, various others Here
wiiv Botania, various textures and models Here
XCompWiz Mystcraft Here
XolovA Advent of Ascension Here