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Meteor Timer

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Meteor Timer

ModFalling Meteors Mod

The Meteor Timer is a block added by the Falling Meteors Mod, used to detect the time remaining until a meteor falls, and display it as a Redstone signal.



Whenever a meteor falls, the time until the next meteor falls is determined. The Meteor Timer reads that time, and output a Redstone signal at a strength proportional to the remaining time. One point of Redstone signal strength is equal to 30 seconds time (600 ticks). Therefore (as Redstone Signals have strength values between 0 and 15), the Meteor Timer will first output a signal when a Meteor is 7 minutes and 30 seconds (9000 ticks) from landing.

The Meteor Timer has two modes, Power and Quick. In Power Mode, the Timer behaves as described above. In Quick Mode, the Meteor Timer will only output a signal when a meteor will land within the next 30 seconds.