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Performance Upgrade Card (Emerald)

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Performance Upgrade Card (Emerald)

ModAE2 Tech Addon
StackableYes (64)
Previous tier

The Performance Upgrade Card (Emerald) is an item added by AE2 Tech Addon. It is used to upgrade machines.



The Performance Upgrade Card (Emerald) is mainly used to increase AE2 Tech Addon machines' operation speed. This is done by placing one Performance Upgrade Card (Emerald) into a Performance Upgrade Card slot; currently this is only compatible with the Energetic Incinerator.

When placed inside an Energetic Incinerator, the Performance Upgrade Card (Emerald) speeds the Energetic Incinerator up to 25 ticks/operation and also increases the idle power requirement to 12 AE/tick and the working power requirement to 32 AE/tick.

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