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Red Morning Star

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Red Morning Star

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
EMC value7,053,312 EMC

The Red Morning Star is a tool from Equivalent Exchange 2. This tool is an omnitool, combining the uses of the Red Matter Hammer, Pickaxe, and Shovel. It can also break wood type blocks, but does not allow for the wood-base abilities that the Red Matter Axe and Red Katar does.

It has special functions when used with the use key, and these are dependent on the block it was used on. If it was gravel, it will dig the entire gravel vein. If it was ore, it will mine the entire ore vein. This does not work with Nether Ores ores. If it was stone, it will mine the area defined by its charge level. If it was a stone block, it will mine the stone in a 3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7, or 9x9x9 area. Likewise with all dirt-like blocks, mining them in a 3x3x1, 5x5x1, 7x7x1, or 9x9x1 area. The area is dependent on its charge level.