Ring of Loki

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Ring of Loki


The Ring of Loki is one of the six relics added by Botania. It is obtained from rolling a 6 with a Dice of Fate dropped by the hard mode version of Gaia Guardian. Each player can obtain only one Ring of Loki. Holding a relic belonging to a different player will deal 2 (Heart.svg) points of damage every 10 ticks. This item does not despawn when dropped onto the ground.

When worn in a Baubles Ring slot, the player will gain the abillity to place multiple blocks at once in selected locations.

Shift right-clicking with an empty hand will select a location. The first block selected is the source block. Selected blocks are marked with a glowing outline, the source block outline is larger.

Selecting an already chosen location will remove that selection. If the source block is unselected, all selections are reset.

Shift right-clicking with a block will attempt to place blocks on the relative positions to the selected block. The Mana cost of placing one block is either equal to the amount of selected blocks, or e^{0.25 \times selected\ blocks}, whichever is lower.

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Version history
R1.10.346The Ring of the Aesir has been removed and cannot be crafted with this Ring.