Rune of Sacrifice

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Rune of Sacrifice

ModBlood Magic
TypeSolid block

The Rune of Sacrifice is a rune added by Blood Magic that is used in upgrading the tier of the Blood Altar. This rune can be used in place of other runes, and can work along side each rune in the upgrade process. The Rune of Sacrifice will increase the total amount of LP gained by sacrificing mobs with a Dagger of Sacrifice by an additive 10%.

Recipe Minecraft 1.9[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

The Blood Orb is not consumed in this process.

Recipe Minecraft 1.7[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

The Blood Orb is not consumed in this process.

FTB Infinity Evolved[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

Main article: FTB Infinity Evolved

FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock Expert Mode[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]