Scaffolding (OpenBlocks)

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This page is about the Scaffolding added by OpenBlocks. For other uses, see Scaffolding.

TypeSolid block

The Scaffolding is a block from OpenBlocks.

Intended to provide players with an inexpensive means of accessing hard-to-reach locations, Scaffolding is constructed from only sticks and is easily and quickly broken and collected without tools. Additionally, the block will self-break after a period of time, thus providing a means to reach high places without leaving a 'nerd pole'.

Note: Unlike scaffolding blocks from other mods, OpenBlocks Scaffolding does not function as a ladder, nor are there any row/column placement shortcuts. These blocks must be placed like any other minecraft block.

Self-Decay Testing[(editsection)(pipe-separator)(visualeditor-ca-editsource-section)]

While the rate of scaffold decay can be adjusted in the config, in testing, it was hard to clearly determine how long individual scaffold blocks would remain before breaking.

  • A single block, placed on the ground, not connected to any other scaffold blocks, broke after ~40 seconds.
  • Horizontal rows of 2 or 3 scaffold blocks, each lasted over 3 minutes without any breakage.
  • A vertical column of 2 sometimes had the lower block break after 10 seconds, but other times lasted several minutes.
  • A vertical column of 3 had the bottom-most block break after about 3 minutes, then the top block at 4 minutes, leaving the middle block still floating after 5 minutes.

Caution is advised when using these blocks.