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Shader Grabbags

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Shader Grabbags

ModImmersive Engineering

Shader Grabbags are items added by Immersive Engineering. When right-clicked, it will be consumed to produce a Shader of its Level; for example, a Common Shader Grabbag could yield an "Argo" Shader. As of version 0.8, the Relic and Cosmic Shader Grabbags are removed, since the Relic level is unused, and Avaritia is not updated to 1.8, making the Cosmic level unused.



Shaders can be obtained as loot in the world:


Shader Grab Bags can be downgraded from higher level Shader Grab Bags or Shaders.


  • The Relic Shader Grab Bag cannot produce anything, since there are no Relic Shaders. It can be converted to an Epic Shader, though.
  • The Cosmic Shader Grab Bag will only yield a "Cosmic" Shader.