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Sifter (Mariculture)

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This page is about the Sifter from Mariculture. For other uses, see Sifter.

TypeSolid block

The Sifter is a functional block added by Mariculture. Sifters are used to obtain fishing bait in Mariculture.



To use the Sifter, it must be made into a Multiblock. The Sifter Multiblock is made like so using only 2 Sifter blocks:

Once completed, the sifter will look like this:



To use the Sifter, simply right click the item you want to sift onto the multiblock and then right click again to sift through said item. Installing a Basic Storage Upgrade on a Sifter will give it an inventory. Using the right ingredients, the Sifter can give you Grasshopper Bait, Ant Bait, Bait Worm, Maggot Bait, and Bee Bait.